Have customers pester you!

Gather public, anonymous feedback for your business

It's free and as simple as adding a link on your site.

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This is a free service. The catch: All pestering is public and belongs to upester.

How it works

What you're getting

Ask your users to pester you on upester.com by using a link generated especially for you. Visit your dedicated upester page to review that feedback, as many times as you need. That's it.

You're basically delegating your consumer feedback gathering needs to upester:

  • for free
  • without registration (no account needed)
  • using the simplest integration known to man

Whether you're an unproven startup that needs to get user feedback as cheap and hassle-free as possible, or a company that uses other (paid) means to the same end, upester can serve you well, for the unbeatable price of zero.

What's the catch? See bellow. (Spoiler: it's all transparent and not as bad as you probably think—unless you think openness and fairness to internet denizens are bad.)

We gather clean data, offered voluntarily

upester gathers clean, anonymous, and public feedback, offered voluntarily by our visitors. We don't track anyone, we reject targeted advertising, and take pride in our respect for user privacy, as opposed to many companies that tout a great interest in the topic, then track visitors all over the internet without their consent and without scruple.

Relevant for businesses: The feedback (pestering) you get here is pristine: voluntarily offered, no tracking, no personal data harvesting, no invasion of user privacy, no other monkey-business.

All data is public

Everything our visitors submit to upester may be made public, at our discretion. Learnings from this data may be given to companies, in order to improve their products and services—that's the whole point.

Relevant for businesses: The feedback (pestering) you get here should be treated as public. As such, it can be seen by your competitors as well. Good! May the best company win.

All data is ours

Visitors pestering via upester waive any rights to the data they submit, so that we can digest it in peace and come up with actionable insights. Whatever our visitors put on upester, belongs to upester in perpetuity. We will use that voluntarily submitted data at our discretion.

Relevant for businesses: You don't own the feedback (pestering) you get on upester. We do. You won't be able to hide it, delete it, or otherwise mess with it. You can only read it and learn. Or ignore it at your peril.

All responsibility is our users'

upester is not responsible for any of the data our users submit. We do our best to vet all submissions and weed out inappropriate ones (spam, vulgarity, politics, illegal activities, etc.). Use your judgement when sifting through the data on upester.

Relevant for businesses: We, upester, are not responsible in any way for the data our users submit regarding your business, and cannot be held liable for it.